Tantric Massage

The Start of the Massage I will bring a music player, and play tantric music, which is designed to help create a perfect atmosphere. I will also turn the lights down low, so that it is dim, but that you can see me in the dim lighting. You will now be lying face down on the towel and I will begin by pouring some warm oil on your back, and tenderly rubbing it in. I will use both hands and sensually excite the receptors of your back. I will massage you shoulders, arms and your neck. This will continue for a short while, and then I will start to work her way down your body, and down your legs. This process is to ensure that you completely relaxed I will probably gently touch your genitals as I caresses your inner thighs and bottom, but the focus is not in that are just yet, only a touch. I may then start to carry out a body to body massage. Not all masseuses do this, but when I do, it is very sensual and exciting. I will gently glide my breasts across your legs, your back, your arms and head. It is truly an amazing sensation. When I senses that you are ready, I will ask you to turn over and lie on your back. I will pour more warm oil on you, this time on your chest and arms, and gently massage the oil in. Then I will do the same on your legs and thighs. Again, I will continue the Tantric Massage, taking you deeper in to the Tantric experience. I may carry out the body to body contact, where my breasts glide across your body, and face, and my hair gently skimming across your body. I will sense when it is time for the final phase and that will be the Lingam Massage.

Tantra is not only about sex; it is about how we engage with life itself. Ultimately, through Tantra, you in essence make love with the world. The peace and freedom that come from this are far beyond merely functioning better in bed. You will get the most from this process by engaging with bravery and honesty. It takes learning to be fully truthful with yourself and entering boldly into the moment to build and maintain freedom through responsibility and caring. If you have the courage to break through layers of illusions, to discover who you really are, and to give the gift of yourself to the world, then this is a path for you.

Ultimately, the path of Tantra is a path of the heart. A path of love as transformation, love as evolution. Tantra sees the heart as the center of the soul and the doorway to spiritual awakening. When the heart blossoms, enlightenment is close at hand. When the heart opens to true love and allows itself to be transformed by the life-giving energies of sexuality it is possible to experience the Absolute.

The journey begins with the exploration of specific bioenergetic and breathwork meditations. Tantra seeks not to look for a problem, or diagnose a dysfunction, but to give our spirits more space in which to breathe, live and express ourselves fully. The meditations prepare or provide us with direct access to the experience of spiritual bliss in our physical human bodies.

Who should participate? The Tantric path is best taken by those with a lust for adventure, and a familiarity with the rugged terrain of the inner worlds. Because Tantra uses the very emotions and sensations that can trap us in addiction and illusion, it is a dangerous and intense path to follow. It is by fully facing and tasting these pleasures and desires that they can be seen for what they are, doorways to higher consciousness, and can be dissolved into the one true experience – ecstasy into reality.

Many people would like to have more sex, better sex, longer lasting sex, more orgasmic sex, more thrilling sex, more adventurous sex, more loving sex, more intimate sex, more exciting sex. Sexuality is very different from sex. Sexuality is the energy that makes us who we are as human beings, and the use of it in our lives can either make us dynamic, expressive, happy, emotionally balanced people or closed, suspicious, repressed, unfulfilled, unhappy human beings. I teach that the whole body can be orgasmic through moving energy when you use breath, movement, voice and intention. If you are looking for a sexual release I teach how to go beyond that.The tradition of Tantra, which is also not just about sex in its deepest traditions, is a path of harmonizing the physical with the spiritual, the self with other people, and pleasure with devotion. Its practice can be very lighthearted and gentle, or very deep and dramatic, or both.


Are you ready for your first Tantric experiency? 

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