Nuru Massage

The biggest benefit of the nuru gel used during the nuru massage session is that it is very slippery, that it is very lubricant. This way, when I’ll slides all over your body, the rubbing becomes even more sensual and pleasant. And it will be a sensual massage, since the client and his beautiful therapist will be completely free from the restrains of any clothes 🙂

The eroticism of it all will be given by the movements of my stunning figure, as you can see my body shape at the gallery. I have the body of goddess and it will move in such a way that no man could resist me (also ladies).

And there is no greater prize for me but to see my clients completely satisfied. As I’m working in a way down the client’s body, I will permanently be attentive at his reaction, as to know when to stop or when to move even further. This way, the client will have his erection maintained for the entire nuru massage session. This way, when the final moment comes and the client releases himself, the pleasure felt is even more intense.

Of course, what happens next is even more important. The relaxation and calmness of the mind following this climactic finale will be complete. Every single thought will be chased away from the client’s mind and his every muscle will get the well-deserved chance of filling itself with new vitality. As the client floats on this newfound sea of peacefulness, his beautiful therapist will watch over him, silent, attentive, basking in his own relaxation. Just the satisfied look on the client’s face is enough to make this beautiful woman standing beside him happy.

Of course, you needn’t worry about the discretion of it all, since I respect my client’s right for privacy the most. So you should know from the start that everything that happens in the massage room will stay between you and me.

Believe me that it is as good as it sounds, so you shouldn’t wait any longer before making your first nuru massage appointment. It is a promise that you will be completely satisfied and that you will leave with a smile on your face, thinking of coming as often as possible.

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