Welcome to Anna’s Tantra Massage

I am so glad you found me!

I am here to serve you as a healer, teacher, guide, muse…

I have been blessed to find self love through meditation, yoga, and a powerful Tantric practice.

I have been told that my presence is impressive, but my skilled touch is really what keeps people coming back to me…

I am a certified massage therapist, and have the ability to relax and put you at ease with my sensual energy work and spiritual touch.

Whether you are seeking stress relief from a hard day’s work, looking to completely surrender to the ultimate Tantric experience or are simply seeking an authentic, nourishing escape for yourself, I aim to hold space for whatever you desire.

Allow me to be your mirror reflecting the love inside of you.
A discovery of surrendering to the magic of living in beauty…
I meet you where you are at… exploring where your heart’s desire wants to be…
I hear your wishes for divine pleasure…
loving each & every source of inspiration compassionately.

During your time spent with me you will be led on a sensual journey that takes you beyond sex. I’m a stunning lady blessed of natural beauty who will expertly touch every part of your body, sensing when to speed up, when to slow down and where to focus. Nothing is expected of you other than to relax, receive and enjoy. Your attention will be brought inwards, your senses will be heightened and you are likely to experience a ‘full body orgasm’.

I’m not sure if you’re reading this, I bet how you went straight to the Gallery, right? 🙂

Anyway, I am grateful and am learning so much from this work and from my receptive clients. I enjoy holding space and seeing your pleasure and desire come alive! I am devoted to the journey of sensuality & healing.

some of techniques that I used in my sessions:

Reiki – Chakra clearing
Sound vibrations

60 min and 90 min sessions available

All private sessions are done with candle and soft music. It is a very relaxing atmosphere!!
Book your massage online now! Call, text or email today to set up your private session..

100% Great Service, Full Time & No rush

I am looking forward to meeting You and sharing my positive energy with you.

I am currently in train to build my page, so forgive me if something is slightly empty or slightly incomplete. And when I speak that I’m building my site is in literal sense, I myself am in charge of programming, design, administration, photography of the site and though it will be able to be less professional I’m trying my best.

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