“Hi Anna, thanks again for your warmth and kindness. I enjoyed it very much. Tänan! Namaste”
“Anna, I’m really grateful for the warmth and love you shared with me, it helped more than I expected. Thank you”
“I’m stuck in the wilds of Saudi Arabia, very boring indeed. Thinking of you… your face… I’ll be coming to see you as soon as I’m back in Spain. From long time now I have realised that you are totally special.”
“Hola guapa, you are the best Tantra therapist in Spain,  of course I catch a cold after being with you but it was definitely worth it. Thank you for an amazing treatment,  I’m back in Norway now but hope to see you again soon.”
“Thank you for giving me a such wonderful evening of healing, I’ts been 2 weeks already, since I walk in your door I never been the same, there’s no explanation. I don’t know what you did but I feel that I’m healed (…) I’ll keep doing the exercises we did together. I’m so happy that I met you and I’m no ashamed to tell you that I love you”
“Happy New Year  Anna, I hope that you had a great time in Thailand and look forward to hearing about it!”
“I have to tell you this… I thought you were nuts, but now I just think you’re nuts and a witch :)”
“ok, I’m going to say today that I’m going to dream with your beautiful face, I’m sorry for what I said last time, I didn’t mean to offend you, but you DO have the most beautiful (…) I ever seen in my life.”
“Hi Anna, I will be travelling for a few weeks by cannot wait to get back for another session . I don’t know if I should tell​ you but I was horny for several days after, so something definitely happened”
“Bueno tardes  from cold cold Denmark  my thoughts are on you looking forward to see you again  last I left you was with a felling there is hard to describe but warm and loving you have a place inside me and I hope you can find a time in your calendar Tuesday or  Wednesday   after 12   big hug and enjoy your weekend.”
“Thanks a lot. You are amazing and I miss being there already! Have a great trip to India and see you when you get back.”
“Just wanted to say thanks for earlier and sorry about my cold which was not pleasant.
Giving you that massage was a privilege and an honour, you have a wonderful body and the experience will live with me for a long while.
I hope to see you again when I return to Marbella later in the year.”

“Wow! just blown away thank you for amazing afternoon with you.”


“Anna how are you? I am likely to come to Spain at the end of the month to finalize the sale of my house. Hope you are not in Asia as I have never had an orgasm like last one I had with you.”

“Hi dear, hope you are well back from Thailand. I am in Mijas for horse jumping competition for some weeks.


Yes I want to see you, your charming smile, amazing body and your nice personality. Let me know if you want to see me,  and what day is good for you. Big hug”
“Very interesting to meet you today , thanks for the wonderful massage , Best ever.”
“I really hope to see you soon thanks for sharing your time and space with me, Love from Israel.”
“I can’t take you out of my mind. Your kindness, calm, peace, presence and beautiful figure had a big impact in my life since we met. you opened a new world for me. I never thought that would be possible. you transformed my life in 2 hours. I know I’m old but I feel like a kid. I’m almost at the end of book. thank you so much. I can’t wait for see you next September. Please let me know if you need something from Finland. Besos”
“Anna, I have so much respect for all that you have given me, I have no words to express my gratitude. You told me you learned a lot from me, no, I learned a lot from you. You’re a beautiful soul, a very special lady, beautiful inside and outside.”
“I’m sorry for yesterday, It was the first time I open up so much of my life. I can feel I’m healing, but i’ts too much work. Thank you for all the work, I know I over stayed and you needed to go to your classes, I’m sorry for that. I hope you made it.”
 “Are you back from UK? I’m here just 4 days here and back to Moscow. I can’t wait for have another session with you, feeling your warm body, smooth skin and incredible touch… I hope you have time for a dinner date. dreaming with you badly”
 “that was a really deep and profound session, I feel connected with you on so many ways. Thank you so much for today, I’m looking forward to see you again”
“I really appreciate what you do, you really stands out in this industry, your inner beauty, warmth and compassion allowed me to experience tantra in a way that I never could imagine.”
” You are so absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your passion, energy and love with me. I had a such great time with you. Thank you Anna.”